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About us


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HND Metal Ltd. was founded by hungarian investors in 2010 Mr. Kázmér Gáspárek, the managing director leads the company with his many years’ ex­periences. It’s a dynamic developing company, founded by experts with planning, en­gineering and producing experiences. Our aim is to manufacture high-quality, long-life stainless steel tanks, structures on the grounds of individual claims on the in­land and foreign market, or to manufacture, settle any key-ready, complete tech­no­logical lines, first of all for our partners in following areas: wine, beer, alcohol industry, food&meat industry, chemistry, pharmacy, water treatment, research&development.


Our experts and our wide, trusted deliverer net allow us to manufacture high quality, to every orderer claims adequate equipments, or any other unique machineries with quick deadlines. The most of our products are made of stainless steel and aluminium, with modern technology.

We have certificates accepted all over the world about producing tanks. Due to our ceriticates and quality management system we dispose of manufacturing experiences on almost every field of the food, chemical and medicine industry.

Supporting our manufacture process we use the quality requirements formulated in our ISO 9001 quality assurance system which one is just under renewal, so we make quality controls in the fabrication and final acceptance tests from the slicing of the stock to the assembly, providing with this the correct quality of the completed product. The most of our welders possesses welding certificates from accredited organizations and our company applies the requirements of the comprehensive quality assurance system MSZ EN ISO 3834-2 regarding to fusion welding of metals.

Through the manufacturing and controlling requirements of the german AD 2000 Merkblatt we also use the manufacturing and controlling instructions of the european normative MSZ EN 13445.

Accordingly to this, through the normal storage tanks we produce the following equipments too:

-          Storage tanks for inflammable and explosion dangerous liquids

-          Storage tanks for dangerous materials

-          Pressure tanks


In the last years we fully did up our manufacture equipments in conformity with western European experiences. During the fabricating of our tanks are the 80% of the weldings made by automatic welding machines. We’ve aimed already by choosing of welding machines the most perfect work quality.


The accessories and big, long, axle form pieces (e.g. mixing axles), high precisious pieces  needed by facturing of the equipments are shapened by our partner firm with the most modern 3D work centre.


Depending on road transport measures and on character of equipment, we mount in the plant of the customer or in our own hall, built for these cases.




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